Bolt Carrier Group

Bolt Carrier Group


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HR/CW (High Reliability/Cold Weather) BOLT CARRIER GROUP

is the result of rounds of testing in harsh conditions. Starting with a Mil Spec bolt and carrier (in the white) the skilled gunsmiths at Wyoming Arms polish the engagement surfaces and then the WYO Shell coating is applied to create the finest BCG available.


  1. Carpenter 158 steel construction
  2. Properly heat treated
  3. Shot Peened for stress relief
  4. Magnetic Particle Inspected MPI
  5. Hand polished engagement surfaces
  6. Gold WYO Shell Coating
  7. Superior corrosion protection
  8. Low coefficient of friction
  9. Low maintenance / easy cleaning
  10. One piece gas ring


  1. 8620 Steel construction
  2. Properly heat treated
  3. Hand polished surfaces
  4. Properly staked gas key
  5. Black WYO Shell Coating
  6. Superior Corrosion Protection
  7. Low coefficient of friction
  8. Low maintenance / easy cleaning
  9. Holds lubrication
  10. Chrome lined piston bore
  11. M16 Full Auto version for reliability
  12. Shrouded firing pin

WYO Shell coating is a laminate starting with high tech PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings applied in a high temp vacuum chamber. The PVD coatings offer extremely high surface hardness, extremely good corrosion resistance, and a very low coefficient of friction while keeping good surface adhesion to retain lubrication. In other words lube does not bead up and run away like Nickel Boron and Nickel Teflon coatings.

The 2nd layer is a ceramic heat cured coating to seal the surface and allow easy cleaning.

WYO Shell is much thinner and harder than other commonly applied BCG coatings and does not negatively affect tolerances or clearances in the rifle.

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