What kind of ammo should I use in my Wyoming Arms Rifle?

With the purchase of your rifle you will receive loading data for your specific rifle.

Do NOT use steel case.

How do I register my Wyoming Arms Rifle?

Please click on www.wyomingarms.com/registration

Do you sell parts for the Parker Pistol?

No, we don’t. The Parker Pistol was built by a company that went out of business quite a few years ago. We build custom long-range rifles built on the AR platform.

Can you tell me about Wyoming Arms Accuracy?

The accuracy of each Wyoming Arms Rifle is proven using match-grade ammunition. No Wyoming Arms firearm leaves the facility unless it obtains accuracy of sub 1/2 to 1 MOA at 100 Yards. (MOA is dependent on rifle series)

While we guarantee the rifle is capable of sub-MOA accuracy, we can not guarantee the end-user will be able to shoot sub-MOA…since we have no control over shooting proficiency, familiarity with the system, ammunition choice, etc.