Listen to Jeff Leisy and John Burns on Gunrunner Radio

Wyoming Arms’ 6600 WY-15 Discussed on GR Radio!

You’ve just got to hear the story of how Wyoming Arms makes a 16″ AR-15 so very precise that it can make dime sized groups at 600 yards!   Owner Jeff Leisy and professional shooter John Burns will tell The Gunrunner exactly how they do that in their Big Horn Ave. Cody plant.

AR-15’s are now legal hunting rifles in Wyoming with the proper weight bullets, so there is great interest.  And they’ll tell us about the very special rifle they are making for our Wyoming governor as well!   Tune in this Saturday on KODI 1400 at 9 am.  You will learn more about AR-15’s than you ever thought possible!

If you missed today’s show, simply go to to hear an archived version of this June 7 broadcast.  Click on “Gunrunner” at the top of the page and it will go to my blog, my advertisers and archived show list.  Have fun!